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The Ultimate Ground Transportation Solution

The Ultimate Ground Transportation Solution

Here is a distressing fact: on average, a traffic accident occurs every 5.4 seconds in the United States. That’s over 5.7 million per year. Weather related traffic accidents occur nearly every 26.3 seconds, comprising roughly 22% of all vehicle crashes. Hence, traffic accidents are an unfortunate occurrence. Included in the possibility of having one of your company’s drivers involved in a traffic accident, there are the indirect costs associated with these events such as inefficient asset utilization and service delays. Thus, taking weather, traffic, and road conditions into consideration when planning delivery times and routes can be a difficult, but necessary task.

Ground Transportation Questions and Solution

What can help to avoid traffic delays? What can logistics business leaders, dispatchers, and drivers do to save precious time and lower fuel costs? How can stress levels can be lowered for freight, logistics, and delivery team members? What can be done to improve the expectations of customers who rely on ground shipments, deliveries, and ground transportation services? The answers to all of these questions is found in one solution: Operations Dashboard for Ground Transportation from The Weather Company, an IBM Business.

Operations Dashboard for Ground Transportation

Operations Dashboard for Ground Transportation is a SaaS and combines real-time traffic information with continually updated weather and road condition data to increase overall freight, logistic, and deliver service efficacy.

For those directing a company’s efforts in getting people or products from one point to another safely and on-time, clear skies, calm winds, and unobstructed roadways are much appreciated. However, these very same people have to expect and plan for inclement weather and traffic incidents that disrupt their company’s freight, logistics, or delivery responsibilities. This solution seamlessly and intuitively delivers the best available weather, traffic, and road condition data to help formulate those plans.

The Benefits

Operations Dashboard for Ground Transportation has many possible benefits, including:

◈ Improve the safety of your company’s drivers.
◈ Boost on-time performance.
◈ Avoid traffic incidents in all geographies.
◈ Improve fixed asset utilization.
◈ Elevate workforce productivity.
◈ Optimize route selection.

Features include:

◈ Customizable traffic and weather alerts.
◈ Road condition information that includes precipitation, wind, fog, ice and pooling water.
◈ High-resolution live traffic feeds.
◈ Live weather conditions from radar and satellites.
◈ Road-specific weather forecasts.
◈ User-reported traffic conditions.

Furthermore, this solution coalesces the best available weather and road observations onto a smartphone or tablet device. Thus, delivering dynamic information on mobile platforms, making it easy to refer to for those out in the field.

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