Thursday, 28 December 2017

Your documents + AI equal world domination

I’m a movie buff and any movie that deals with machines, technology and artificial intelligence eventually taking over the world has got me hooked. While world domination by machines that can learn is not a matter of immediate concern, it still gets some folks nervous. On the other hand, what gets me excited about it is the potential to use cognitive technology to make documents smarter, workflow more efficient and interactions with clients even more productive.

Think about it – your organization collects, processes and stores a tremendous volume and variety of data. But how much of it are you really putting to work for you? Whether evaluating loan applications, processing insurance claims or managing shipping invoices, human intervention is often needed to review and make sense of that unstructured data. Unfortunately, this type of handling is usually slow, labor-intensive, costly and error-prone.

Cognitive capture solutions – which can better understand, reason and learn – make it easier to extract and automate the use of valuable information from unstructured documents. These solutions quickly turn data into useful information that will help you  identify patterns and generate new insights. As part of digital business automation platforms, they play a vital role in transforming how you accelerate business processes, improve efficiency and help reduce costs.

IBM uses advanced cognitive computing capabilities, such as those found in IBM Datacap Insight Edition, to go beyond the limits of traditional capture solutions. IBM’s solution applies advanced imaging, text analytics, natural language processing and machine learning technologies to automatically find, extract and classify important information from complex and variable document types.

The value of Datacap Insight Edition extends to the millions of business documents you might be storing in content repositories. Each document might contain valuable, difficult-to-access information. With Datacap Insight Edition, you can process stored documents to extract information, augment index information, convert old files to newer searchable formats and provide data to analytics engines. The result: putting stored content to work to draw out new insight from old data.

Now back to movies about machines taking over the world.

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